SMOK Nifix pod review: for various types of Nfix atomizing cores

Hello,everyone. Considering that I have rekindled my love for hiking, I need a super light, delicious, worry-free, leak-proof, and lightweight pod-style sling. Can the new SMOK Nifix meet my requirements? We can certainly find it in this SMOK Nfix Kit review.


SMOK Nfix is a small and lightweight device that can operate at low to medium power. It is designed to help MTL vapers who want to be similar to smoking. Nfix uses a 700mAh power supply with a variable voltage range of 1W to 25W.


Size: 110.5 x 21.5 x 13mm

Battery Capacity: 700mAh

Resistance Range: 0.6Ω-3.0Ω

Power Range: 1W-25W

Standby Current: <50uA

Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5V-4.0V

Charging Voltage: 5V±0.2V

Charging Current: Max 0.68A


SMOK Nfix comes in eight colors and I received black. The color of Nfix online is very bright and the paint feels smooth and smooth. It is 110.5 mm high, 21.5 mm wide, and 13 mm thick. The size and shape are similar to Uwell Caliburn. It is much narrower and thinner than most pod vacuum cleaners on the market, making it easy to carry. It is very concealed and pocket friendly.


Looking at the top of the battery, you will find two gold-plated connectors. The cassette tape is held in place by two strong magnets. It utilizes a 3 ml refillable container (containing 0.8 ohm DC coil) and a side filling system.

You can charge it through the USB Type-C port in the base. The battery has a single power button with dual trigger system. Therefore, you can ignite by pressing the power button, or you can inhale directly on the cigarette holder after the device in online vape shop is turned on.


Few best pod vape comes with a display, even fewer with voltage regulation, Smok Nfix is a portable multi-functional pod vape, 700mAh with type-c charging interface is very scientific. The 3mL fuel tank also brings great convenience to battery life, the dual coil NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL can easily control a variety of vape juice flavors.

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