Scott the Pisces reveals his nostalgic debut EP Ocean Blue, a vibrant Pop collaboration simply in time for Spring

Scott the Pisces’ upcoming debut EP and lead single will both be called Ocean Blue.

All signs indicate that the project will be released next Friday, 5th March.

The 22-year-old who previously worked under the alias Spectrum is looking to relaunch himself straight into the mainstream.

Scott has put his best foot forward with this new project, a fresh start for the young songwriter has given him the opportunity to find his new audience, launching with a sonic that is fresh, uplifting and incredibly infectious. 

The title track Ocean Blue features rising pop star Ashley Alisha, who has worked with K-Pop stars LOONA, ITZY, and many more. Steel pan drums set the tropical tone for the song, as Ashley’s soft toned voice caresses your ears over the sound of ocean waves swirling on the beach. 

The theme of summer plays a heavy role in this EP, the lead single Perfect Summer with Canadian pop star Aleesia is a major example of this. The song is an ode to early 2000s pop music, with a modern twist. The ‘living it up’ formula made famous by the Black Eyed Peas is very present in the track, with the lyrical content primarily being about leading your best life during the summer. Aleesia has also worked with Big Sean and Martin Garrix.

The musical route Scott is taking is a completely new direction from his previous work under Spectrum. His past electronic hits include Home and Take You There with Ria Choony, and a few other incredibly put together productions. He teams up with Ria once again for the 3rd track Young & Reckless, which is a bright eyed take on pulling nostalgia from your youth into music. Themes of being young, naive and carefree play throughout the song, making us all wish we had the chance to go back and do it again.

Bethany Davey, now known as Nova May, takes the reins on the 4th single On My Own bringing her beautiful, emotion filled vocals to the table. The song’s dynamic range from a soft slow morning, into a powerful ballad is a brilliant experience to say the least. The song is about letting go of toxic people from your life, realising you are better off alone.

The final track on the EP titled I Wanna Know features the sensual vocals of K.O. with a RnB twist to close out the project. Like Perfect Summer, and Young & Reckless, I Wanna Know was also written by Scott the Pisces, as well as the entire EP being produced solely by himself. The song is a blend of soulful and what could be seen as the type of chorus you’d expect from an allstar girl group. 

Scott the Pisces has created the perfect soundtrack to spring and summer, which is bound to be the soundtrack for many Vloggers and Youtube channels over the following months. Expect big things from this young artist as he grows into the hit producer he aspires to become. 

Keep up to date with Scott by following his socials which are all @ScottThePisces

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