Best Apps in 2020 for Android and Apple


With millions of apps available, it can be difficult to filter out the best from the worst. This is why, after some extensive research, we managed to make a list containing the greatest ones, for both Android and Apple, based on function and design. We hope you will find this top helpful, as we tried to include as many types of apps as possible, to satisfy everyone’s needs.


If you want to quit your eating out habit, or just want to bring out the chef inside you and start eating healthy, Cookpad is going to be your best friend. This app not only helps you find the best recipes, and also new ones based on your favorites, but includes a shopping list manager, so every step of the preparing process is made easy. You will no longer have any excuse to not make your own meal, so go ahead and start cooking!

To go along with the healthy theme, we introduce an old buddy, MyFitnessPal. Even though this app has been on the market for years now, we still find it to be extremely useful. This will make losing weight easier, as it tracks your daily calorie intake and amount of exercise. The designers of this app found an extremely easy and efficient way to calculate your calories, with the built-in barcode scanner that can be used for almost anything you eat that has a package, thanks to their extensive food library. Even though you won‘t be offered an exercise regimen, you will know the amount of physical activity needed based on your diet.

Let’s not forget that you also need good music for the perfect exercise routine. For this, we picked BlackPlayer, especially for it’s interesting Discover option, that lets you shuffle through 10-second previews of songs you might like, thus making it easier for you to decide what fits best. Also, another attractive feature is the extended customization option, which offers you the freedom to design the app to your taste.

If you want your finances to stay organized in 2021, or this is one of your goals, Mint is there to help you. It will make it easy for you to track all the movements in your account and will also act as your personal accountant, as it will organize all your bills and remind you to pay them and also, keep you focused on your goals.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the best mobile game in 2020: Call of Duty: Mobile. For FPS fans the game is very popular and besides being highly ranked it is also strategy-based. Of course, after the match is finished and your team is the one that survived, you are able to open boxes that come with different items. Also, the fact that it has a normal FPS, no matter if it’s in online PvP mode or a 100-player battle royale, makes it truly rare, which was another reason for us to include it here. Besides, if you are not into pure gaming you can go casual with some online slots games.


Moving on to iOs, we also found the best apps that we consider worthy to be at the top. Starting off, we have Vimeo. If you feel like Youtube has become too much of a childish app for you, Vimeo comes to the rescue, offering basically the same services, but filtering out Vine compilations or cat videos. The rest of the functions are the same: like, share, subscribe to creators whose content you enjoy, create your own playlists or save videos to watch later. Welcome to grown-up life!

Planning to go on a trip but feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to take care of? Kayak is a user-friendly traveling app that will act as your personal assistant, helping you find not only the perfect flight and hotel for you but also rent a car if you need one and many more options. More than this, it also developed an Apple Watch app, that will keep you up to date with just a glance on your wrist.

Things can seem like they get out of control from time to time, so doing silly things to relax your mind for a bit can become a necessity. Dubsmash is a platform for you to create short and funny clips lip-syncing to popular audios. We know, it doesn‘t seem like much, but trust us when we say it will get you hooked while also stealing you some smiles.

Speaking of clips, if you have some videos that you wish you could transform into pieces of art, Apple iMovie offers you the opportunity to do just that. You have all the options you might want or need, from freeze-framing to adding filters or background music. It is also simple to use, making it easy even for beginners to make Oscar-worthy videos of their latest trip.

Worried that all your private information or even mundane things like the videos we just talked about might end up in the wrong hands? If you want to sleep better at night knowing that your conversations are safe, we suggest Signal. It makes it easy to secure not only your messages but also your phone calls. It also offers its services for free, as the app is kept running by volunteers, meaning another layer of security, knowing your data is not at risk of being sold. Another fact that will make you even more trusting is that big apps like Google or Facebook also decided to partner with them.

This is all for now, we hope that at least one of these apps has become a solution to your problems! Also, we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring in the app world!

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