Why Is PEMF Becoming So Popular?

If you enter the search term “PEMF therapy” into a research database, you will find pages upon pages of studies evaluating PEMF machines and their application in the field of health and wellness. PEMF devices are becoming immensely valuable to health professionals and laypeople alike because they offer some features that standard medical condition interventions cannot. Health treatment options for virtually all health concerns usually come at a price–a price that may be an increase in symptom severity. PEMF machines offer relief from symptoms of aging, pain, and ill health in the human body, without the substantial cost required by other interventions. 

To fully understand why PEMF devices are so popular, let’s take a quick look at the different ways that PEMF therapy can positively impact the human body. 

Pain Relief

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is an excellent source of acute and chronic pain relief, without the risk of forming a habit or experiencing unpleasant side effects. These therapy devices are considered extremely safe, with the most significant side effects including a slight headache, or decreases in blood pressure or blood sugar. 

Improved Recovery Processes

The recovery process associated with surgery, broken bones, and more can be immense, and PEMF therapy can intervene in this process in a wide range of ways. We have tackled pain relief, but PEMF therapy has actually been linked to faster wound healing and both faster and more effective bone remodeling. The magnetic fields found in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy are powerful for a host of health conditions, all without the fear or headache of hazardous or uncomfortable side effects. 

Decreased Inflammation

Body cells are involved in every single bodily function, from athletic performance to tackling an invading virus. When the body is under duress from a prolonged period of inflammation, the body’s cells are too busy tending to inflammatory responses to regulate other systems. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a range of conditions, as diverse as arthritis and metabolic disorders. In addition to managing chronic pain, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy can successfully limit and improve the body’s inflammatory responses and support general health. 

In addition to the specific conditions that PEMF therapy can target, there are specific benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy machines that make it a superior therapy among its peers. We have identified the most significant benefits below. 


Most therapies and interventions come with some amount of risk. Medications can offer positive changes along with negative changes, and surgical interventions can have a profoundly negative effect on the body’s immune system. PEMF therapy is a non-invasive way to target specific (and general) health issues, without the risk of hefty adverse side effects and potential health hazards. 

Mechanisms of Action

While the term “electrical pulses” might not seem valuable to health, the electric potential of PEMF’s pulses of energy is substantial, and they are able to reach the cells directly. This allows cells to receive energy without expending energy, which can help soothe chronic conditions by improving cellular function and communication. 

Ultimately, the popularity of electromagnetic therapy comes from the ease with which this therapy is used, the minuscule risks associated with use, and the increasing availability of the therapy. PEMF systems can be used by doctors and laymen alike, and many people are able to utilize the therapy from their homes. From clinical applications to home use, PEMF therapy offers users a consistent and simple support for health and wellness. 

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