Which Wow Shadowlands Raid Is Hardest for Beginner Players

When it comes to slang, our age doesn’t matter, as when doing or working somewhere for a while, we are eventually to pick up some words and phrases that others who are not familiar with the topic will hardly understand. Now, we can pick up this terminology from many places, but video games have somehow risen to the top of the lits. That is why today, we can often hear people, especially teenagers, use these words. It means that you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear a group of people talking about raiding some place, as it’s more likely that they are talking about the World of Warcraft than actually doing so. Since we mentioned raids, those with some experience in playing WoW are well aware that they are an essential part of the game but, with the new release called Shadowlands, the whole game is now much more difficult, even for experienced guilds.

The importance of raids in WoW

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Regardless of the type of raid, it’s all about earning experience and certain drops you can pick by completing the raid successfully. On the other hand, they are also of vast importance to those who reached the highest level, as since they cannot increase their skills anymore, they can at least get new and better gear and many other rewards by raiding. Understandably, many playing hours are needed for you to get to this level, and for you, killing the boss is a great opportunity to get all those much-needed rewards and experience.

Various difficulties

For starters, we need to know that raids in WoW have various difficulties, and those in Shadowlands are not an exception. What this basically means for us players is that we should put certain raids on hold until we level up enough to actually stand a chance. That is why understanding the difficulty can help us choose the best one for us and learn more about which is the hardest and requires the most time and dedication. Another important fact you should know is that there are four different levels of difficulty, and we will further describe each of them, so even the beginners will understand.

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Since raids with this difficulty level do not require high HPS/DPS, they are ideal for beginners who want to learn how to raid and improve their abilities. The great thing is that you will not need a group of people to help you kill the boss, and it is perfect if you do not have enough time to spend in front of the computer. Because of the low DPS and HPS requirements, each player has the opportunity to kill bosses, which is a great thing for those players who want to see the whole story and play the game because of that. The health and damage of the bosses are adjusted for the beginners, and to win them, we will need to kill a few of them in three or four wings. It is a great way to start your raid journey, as this one will perfectly showcase what you can expect in the future.

As you progress, you start to seek a raid that’s a little more difficult, which leads us to this one. Now, if you want to play this difficulty, it is necessary to have a guild group because it is impossible to win without the help of other players. Luckily, there is an option for those who do not play WoW with friends and do not have enough people to help them kill the bosses, as they can find pick-up groups (PuG) and play with them. It can be pretty challenging to find a group of good players, but for normal raids, each of them should be good enough.

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Well, the name of this difficulty level says a lot about what can be expected. Namely, Heroic difficulty requires more abilities and a stronger guild group because these raids are not that easy to win. If you do not have a group of friends to play with, try to find a good guild group, or you will end up struggling to beat the bosses. These raids require time and dedication, and you need to know that you cannot finish them in a couple of hours. Furthermore, the party needed for this level needs to be carefully picked as certain characters are simply a must, like a healer, so make sure you have one on your team.

Well, mythic difficulty raids are something that even professional players struggle to win because they are extremely hard. That means if you dare to try one of them, you will need an extremely capable guild group and be prepared that it can take more than 300 attempts to beat the final boss. They are the hardest raids in the whole WoW game, and we do not need to say that they require a lot of time. Besides all that, keep in mind that this is just an average amount of attempts needed, so don’t be surprised if more is needed.

Castle Nathria

Even though more than a year has passed since the release of the Shadowlands expansion pack (the eighth one), many players still consider it as a new one. That is why we will focus now on the first raid that was opened, and it’s called Castle Nathria.

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Castle Nathria is the new Shadowlands raid with a great story, and many players are thrilled to try it. Although it comes in all difficulties, many people decide to try the normal one, and it can be pretty challenging to win it, especially for beginners. This story is about the inhabitants of Revendreth and helping them, and although in the beginning, you will help Sire Denathrius, it will later be revealed who is the main villain.

Final Thoughts

Raiding is a fun and a great way to learn the basics and also why this game is so popular but be assured that at some point, you will get frustrated by some raid and be left thinking how it is impossible. That is the best time to consider getting a raid boost, and all about raid boosts you can find here https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-raid-boost.

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