Two Brothers, Who started success digital marketing solution company

Rohit Chouhan is an Indian entrepreneur, the co-founder, and CEO of Codesler. Codesler is an international digital marketing service provider company in India.  He started the company on 21 Jan 2019, with his elder brother Rahul Chouhan. Rohit an author as well and has written a book on internet security.

Rahul Chouhan is the founder of Codesler, and He is the most significant hand to support the company.

The Journey of Rohit Chouhan (CEO and co-founder)

Rohit Chouhan

Rohit Chouhan

Rohit used to work hard at the age of 11th. He did not even know what would happen in the future and whatnot.

Rohit was in 8th grade. He started hacking at home. After learning about hacking, they came to know that the programming language used for hacking. Then after learning a bit of hacking, he searched all these online on the internet and started learning.

He began to get interested, but he saw that it is anything Google gives us. Then he took a break on it and began to learn how Google made it. He then directed programming from web designing and web development. Then by the time he came to class 10th, he had taught web designing, and by class 12th, he had also taught development. Besides, years passed, and he learned a lot in school life, related to hacking and programming, designing.

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The Journey of Rahul Chouhan (Founder)

Rahul Chouhan

Rahul Chouhan

Rahul Chouhan is a founder of Codesler and a Software Engineer. It was a fascinating journey to start Codesler. It was too much struggle behind this to start that company. Rahul Chouhan decided to start his company to provide the world’s best and cheapest IT services all over the world when he was pursuing software engineering. But It was not easy; there are lots of companies already available in the market; it was a challenge for him to make his own space in online marketing.

The first problem he was faced, which was there is no enough money to start the company. Because at that time, he was not financially stable, then he had joined some work from home jobs when Rahul Chouhan was doing work from home jobs, his younger brother pursuing college. His younger brother Rohit Chouhan suggests to him the name of the company and how they provide their services to their clients. Rohit Chouhan also has excellent skills in the IT field. Rahul Chouhan decided to make the CEO of the Codesler to his younger brother Rohit Chouhan.

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How Codesler was born

Now Rohit had come to college and was studying in Rajasthan Ajmer, now Rohit Chauhan is ahead in everything. Be always top in college also. He had become habitual now that he has to know about every new technology; he loves technology very much. Rohit was studying information technology in Ajmer, Rohit now knew a lot about technology. He was most interested in web development and is still today.

In college, Rohit used to perform well and also won many awards and certificates. Seeing his hard work, his brother Rahul Chauhan gave him a piece of advice that changed everything. He said that you work so hard, so why not help people with this hard work. We will start up our own business. It was a big challenge for Rohit because, at a young age, how would he handle how he would startup.

However, both brothers worked hard and started a company on 21 Jan 2019, called Codesler. And in just one year Codesler did a lot and got success too. Now Codesler works with many internet companies, with IBM and much famous music, model, photographer artists. and Codesler has many subsidiary companies also.

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