Take the Best Care of Your Favorite Cotton Panties This Summer

Take the Best Care of Your Favorite Cotton Panties This Summer

Are you finding new ways to take better care of your hip hugger panties this summer? Then, you actually need to hand wash them. Before you call hand washing as an outdated style, take care of your delicates, read on. Did you know that a gentle practice of handwashing your best cotton panties will take no time than loading them into a washing machine? Tumble Dry can actually damp the quality of your panties along with the stitches and elastic waistband. 

With machine washing, women cotton panties may begin to sag, even lose their actual shape, or just the color starts to fade. Considering how worst it can be, let’s get started with knowing how to hand wash your panties in 4 easy steps.

#1 – Fill your sink

The foremost thing you need to do is to fill your sink with lukewarm water, add some soap/detergent liquid to it. Now, let your panties dive into it.

#2 – Swish Around 

Give the panties and the gusset lining a gentle scrub to get rid of stains or dirt. Let them soak for a couple of minutes.

#3 – Dry Towel 

Remove them from the water, pat them dry, and place them onto a dry and clean towel. Roll them in the towel while pressing firmly to remove the excess moisture. 

#5 – Let them sundry

That was all about the hand washing method. Much easier, right? Lastly, leave your hip hugger panties for drying in the sun, or you can even lay them flat on a dry towel. In case, the panties have any wrinkles laster on, iron them on low heat. 

Few more tips to know…

Getting Rid of Stains 

In actuality, most of us don’t worry about those little leftover stain spots. You need to know that the gusset lining in your best cotton panties is there for a reason – to maintain your hygiene. Instead of ignoring the stain spots, it is far better to rub a little extra soap/detergent to treat it, and not letting your favorite panties seem fabulous. 

Clearing Out the Bloodstains

This problem is real in most of the cases, it happens with every woman during their heavy periods. And if you find it on your favorite pair of panties, then here is a pro trick to clear it out. Your saliva. Yes! It may sound bizarre to you. Your saliva has powerful enzymes that can help break down the stain. But it actually works!

Washing Silk Panties

Apart from women cotton panties, silk panties are quite delicate as well. Again, there is nothing better than hand washing with some gentle soap, dry cleaning, and ironing it well. Why so? Because silk undergarments are soft and machine washing them repeatedly can actually carry off its lustrous shine. Well, after a year, it is entirely reasonable, but do not let it spoil in the first week. 

Doing it Quickly

Honestly, there is nothing quicker than 2-4 minutes. No doubt, a bit of time is required to soak them. Till then, grab a cup of green tea or coffee and pat yourself for taking such care of your undergarments. 

In the end, what matters the most is to buy premium quality hip hugger panties that are crafted with the best fabrics like cotton or elastane. Also, choose panties that have a soft gusset lining, wide elastic band, and full coverage. Yes, they should be super comfortable and perfect for everyday use. Try out Bellefit’s latest collection of classic mid-rise cotton shorties, thongs, and panties, and say goodbye to your old scratchy pairs. 


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