Snapchat outage boost interest in camera apps like CAMAPP®

In the last year, CAMAPP® has become increasingly popular. Currently, it is unclear what exactly the company will bring to the smartphone camera market, but it’s clear it is gaining traction in the market. Despite launching a single product or service. Is it an app for photographers only? Are they a social media platform like Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram? They explain their uniqueness very clearly on their website, “the fastest and most convenient way to take pictures and videos”. CAMAPP®’s patented technology, integrated minimalist design and usability give it a substantial advantage in the mobile camera market. Designed to enhance mobile camera usability and simplicity for users capturing video and photos with mobile devices. 

Ken Poindexter Jr., founder of Haptic Zones Technology and CAMAPP® spoke with us about Snapchat’s outage and whether or not it has affected their development of CAMAPP. “The last few days have seen an increase in interest”, he noted. “It has definitely been positive. Our BETA launch (in email signups for CAMAPP) scheduled sometime in early to mid-2022 continues to receive a high level of interest and registrations. People will be able to capture video and photos in a new, faster and easier way.” Poindexter was asked if they were in competition with platforms like Snapchat, IG, TikTok. In response, he said, “Nah…not really, CAMAPP is sort of a supplement to apps like TikTok, Triller, Facebook, IG, Snapchat and Youtube. For those who wish to capture video and photo faster, easier and more conveniently. As of now, all existing mobile cameras rely on the same antiquated shutter button technology, which is inconvenient, slow, non-flexible, rigid and difficult to use, and just plain old. Increasing the ease of video and photo recording is absolutely core to the future of mobile camera technology. Convenience is what will motivate consumers to capture more. Capturing more creates more content. More content generates more revenue. Overall, convenience determines usage. Usage determines the value of a platform to a user. Everyone can use CAMAPP®, from photographers to influencers. It’s just easier to use. People are impatient, busy, and need quick, easy, and convenient ways to capture images and videos. Smartphone cameras are most popular among people on the go. Requiring users to hold a tiny button while on the go is utterly ridiculous. So, we created a new way. We look forward to people embracing the new way. It may or may not involve social media platforms. Whatever works for the people. It’s all love.“ 

When asking about the features of CAMAPP. Poindexter emphasized the importance of CAMAPP’s organic growth through its existing features, such as hold anywhere to capture video, double tap anywhere to take a picture and their dual shot technology. “CAMAPP needs to grow and as it grows, so will its features,” he said. Although he was unwilling to share exact details, he said they have an extensive roadmap of products and features. Currently, it seems that users will be able to capture video and photos in a new way between mid-to-late 2022. 

On their website, the public can sign up for updates or early access to the BETA launch. 

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