Second-Hand Mobile Sale-Purchase Business- Complete Guide

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Second-Hand Mobile Sale-Purchase Business- Complete Guide

Sale-purchase of second-hand mobile phones is a highly profitable low-investment business in Pakistan. It is indeed the best business to do in Pakistan in 2020. Mobile has evolved into a necessity than a luxury and majority in Pakistan cannot afford a new high-tech mobile phone thus, they turn towards purchasing second-hand mobile phones.

Sale-purchase of second-hand mobile phones is a very demanding and risky business due to DIRBS and other illegal activities happening in it one needs to be extra careful in purchasing mobile phones. If you plan to start a Second-hand mobile phone sale purchase business, here is a complete guide.

What is a second-hand mobile sale-purchase business? How to start a second-hand mobile sale-purchase business? How to minimize investment cost for a second-hand mobile sale-purchase business? How to check whether a phone is PTA registered or not? How to check if a phone is legal or not? Points to consider before purchasing a second-hand mobile phone.

1. OLX And Other E-commerce Platforms

Second-hand mobile sale-purchase business doesn’t require a huge investment cost if you plan on to start it at a smaller-scale. The set-up may vary from a proper outlet to a counter and may only be a virtual shop. In each case, you can always use E-commerce platforms in order to promote and regulate it. Search for buyers and sellers on OLX and your social circle in order to increase sale-purchase.

2. Condition Of The Mobile Phone

Firstly, check if the mobile’s covering has never been opened. A once opened mobile phone is prone to several problems. If it is a water-proof mobile phone that has been opened, then it no longer remains water-proof. Thus, a pre-opened mobile’s cost is way lower than the actual second-hand price.

Check for any battery or panel replacements. If the mobile’s panel or the battery has been replaced firstly it is considered to be an opened mobile phone and secondly, check for the replacements being original or copy. Depending upon that its cost will be determined.

3. Check If The Phone Is Registered With PTA

Telly the phone’s IMEI with PTA, to confirm that it is registered by dialling *8484# and then entering the IMEI of one or two sim slots of the mobile phone. To know a mobile’s IMEI number dial *#06#.

4. Keep The Seller’s And Buyer’s Records

It is important to firstly have a complete record of the seller and the buyer, for if a case of stolen or misused property comes forward in the future. The record should include a copy of their CNIC and contact information.

5. Reinvestment

Keep the circle running. Invest the money earned to buy a new stock of second-hand mobile phones and you are good to go.


2nd hand mobile sale-purchase is definitely a perfect side business and a low-investment business in Pakistan from which you can earn huge profits. All you need is to be a bit careful while purchasing mobile phones.

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