Revolutionizing healthcare in Saint Kitts and Nevis: Kidney transplant program unveiled

In a momentous stride in the direction of reshaping healthcare in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Prime Minister and Minister of Well being, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew, unveiled the Kidney (Renal) Transplant Program on November twenty fourth, 2023. 

The historic launch unfolded throughout a particular version of “Well being Clever” on ZIZ Radio and Tv, hosted by the achieved Dr. Joylette Woodley-Fassale. Dr. Woodley-Fassale, a Common Surgeon on the Joseph N. France (JNF) Common Hospital, serves as President of the St. Kitts Nevis Medical and Dental Affiliation and heads the Emergency Medical Providers (EMS) at JNF.

A dedication to accessible healthcare

Throughout his opening handle, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew underscored the federal government’s unwavering dedication to making sure accessible healthcare for all residents. 

He acknowledged the mounting prevalence of renal illness, carefully linked to persistent circumstances akin to hypertension, diabetes, and weight problems. 

Dr. Drew made a compelling case for renal transplants, citing their cost-effectiveness and the prospect of an enhanced high quality of life in comparison with current dialysis remedies.

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A pivotal initiative takes root

Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew’s imaginative and prescient for the Kidney Transplant Program resonated with the healthcare panorama’s pressing wants. 

“What we’re actually doing right here is to launch a program that may profit the folks of Saint Kitts and Nevis irrespective of the place they dwell or their stead in life, so long as they want any such medical care we wish to make it accessible,” he stated. 

He attributed the surge in renal illness partly to persistent illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and weight problems. He emphasised this system’s potential to alleviate monetary burdens and elevate the general high quality of life for the residents of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

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A collaborative leap ahead

The inception of this groundbreaking initiative traces again to a pivotal assembly between Dr. Drew and Professor Nadey Hakim, a distinguished transplant and bariatric surgeon. 

Dr. Hakim, a Professor at Imperial School London and a surgeon at Cleveland Clinic London, lent his formidable experience to the institution of the Kidney Transplant Program. 

With over 200 reviewed papers and quite a few textbooks reflecting his experience,  Dr. Hakim’s contribution augments this system with invaluable data. 

Dr. Jenson Morton, Director of Well being Establishments at JNF, expressed pleasure over this system’s potential to deliver hope to end-stage renal illness sufferers. He emphasised the importance of increasing remedy choices.

A beacon of hope for end-stage renal illness sufferers

Dr. Morton remarked, “If it’s one factor that everybody agrees with is that something that may give extra hope and extra choices to the individuals that suffer from end-stage renal illness is one thing that the workers goes to be all for. Something to both enhance the dialysis choices or on this case, something to offer them one other remedy modality.”

 Dr. Dunia Diegguez Velqzgue, a Nephrologist at JNF, make clear the transformative impression of kidney transplants. 

With 40 sufferers on hemodialysis at JNF, she emphasised the life-changing advantages a kidney transplant gives, together with improved well being, diminished issues, and the total restoration of kidney capabilities.

A message of prevention and progress

The Minister of Well being conveyed a twin message to the general public: advocating prevention via wholesome life-style practices and early administration of persistent ailments to stop the development to end-stage renal illness. 

He affirmed, “This initiative is a big development in our healthcare system, guaranteeing extremely specialised care is out there right here in Saint Kitts and Nevis.”

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