New Study Shows Support from Friends and Family Would Help Students to Exercise More

Viewing physical activity as an exit for stress can increase college students’ eagerness to train. However, to be able to keep that routine, students want social support from friends and family, based on research issued in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Researchers surveyed 135 college students, assessing their eagerness to train for the beneficial 150 minutes per week. Participants have been requested to weigh pros, like enhanced energy and health against observed disadvantages, like being exhausted and not having time for academics or opportunity.

Once convinced that more exercise would profit them, students were requested what they wanted to get began. The most critical factor was behavioral confidence, which includes visualization of future performance and external sources of trust, like one’s religious faith or a supportive mentor.

“Physicians who want to encourage their sufferers to get extra physical activity ought to suggest the methods from this examine,” says Vinayak K. Nahar, MD, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and co-writer on this study. Obtaining internal and external sources of inspiration and flexibility is an effective and sustainable model for positive change.

Based on the survey, respondents registered that maintaining the weekly 150 minutes of exercise would require the assistance from family and friends, as well as an emotional shift, during which students would use training as an exit for stressors. Respondents also said social changes, like making friends who also exercise daily, would improve their ability to persist.

“Approximately half of all adults within the U.S. don’t engage in the recommended 150 minutes of bodily exercise per week,” says Manoj Sharma, MBBS, Ph.D., a professor of behavioral health at Jackson State University and lead researcher on this research. “This basic lack of exercise is tied to myriad health issues, so it is important to address it early.”

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