Mods Of Your Generation Announces Live Event Streams On Facebook To Promote New Music And Support Charities

Johnny Bradley’s Mods of Your Generation is now hosting live events on their Facebook page to promote the diverse mod subculture, raise money for charities, and help fans discover new music and art

Mods Of Your Generation is proud to announce they now run events and live streams on their

Facebook page promoting mod culture and new music. They also use the opportunity to raise money for charity, supporting noble causes around the world.

 Mods Of Your Generation is committed to the continuity, reviving, sustaining, and promoting the Mod culture that started in the early 1960s. . They do this by gathering a community of passionate people and feeding them with high-quality content that includes promoting and interviewing the musicians, authors, actors, designers, and creators who make up the diverse subculture.

“I pride myself in promoting a cohesive, inclusive community and everything the Mod scene has to offer,” said Johnny Bradley, Founder, and Owner of Mods Of Your Generation. “At Mods Of Your Generation, we believe that there is a sustainable audience not only in the United Kingdom but worldwide that share our passion for the Mod subculture. I want to make sure that mod culture not only remains part of our history but, more importantly, our future.”

Johnny started the Mods Of Your Generation platform in 2015 for his expressions and entertainment. To his surprise, many people who identify came on board, and the forum has been growing every day. Young people who discover it for the first time also fall in love and decide to join in. It’s like a cultural awakening promoting a subculture to bring people of all ages and from all over the world together for peace, harmony, love, and self-respect.

The mods of the 1950s and 1960s are characterised by their outfit and the music they listen to. Mods of Your Generation provide interviews and reviews of music and art related to the culture. Passionate mods, revivalists, and newcomers can discover exciting new and innovative music and learn amazing things about today’s mod subculture.

In March 2020, Mods Of Your Generation organised an event at Cordingley Hall, Donnington, to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The event was very successful as hundreds of mod fans showed up to help raise nearly £1,500. The event featured 12 hours of live music and DJ, allowing musicians and fans to connect.

Johnny plans to organize more such events to entertain over 17,000 fans of his Mods of Your Generation Facebook page and raise money to support charities. He also wants to help musicians connect with fans and promote their brands by interviewing artists and reviewing albums.

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About Mods of Your Generation

Mods of Your Generation is a platform that promotes the mods subculture through interviews of musicians, actors, and designers. They have a massive community of fans from every generation who are passionate about the mod subculture. The platform helps fans discover new music and organise events to support charities.

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