Miami man admits to distributing adulterated HIV medicine throughout the US

A person from Miami has admitted to distributing between $16.7 million to $25 million of misbranded and tainted HIV medicine to pharmacies throughout the nation. 

The unsuspecting pharmacies, in flip, distributed these medicine to unaware sufferers.

Particulars of the crime

43-year-old Armando Herrera, after coming into a responsible plea within the U.S. District Court docket in Miami, now stands on the precipice of going through as much as 5 years in jail. 

He’s scheduled to be sentenced on December 21. 

The official cost, as per the courtroom data, is conspiring to introduce adulterated and misbranded drugs into the U.S. market.

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To outline, a medicine will get the label of being ‘adulterated’ when it has been partially or totally changed by one other substance.


The intricate net of deception

Reviews are that working in tandem with accomplices, Herrera established entities in Texas, California, and Washington. 

They procured huge quantities of tainted and mislabeled HIV medicine by authorized channels. 

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Following this, the group manipulated the capsule packaging after which bought them to wholesalers at notably discounted costs.

Whereas these wholesalers actively participated within the illicit enterprise, the pharmacies remained oblivious to the drug alterations or misbranding.

Key drugs caught on this net included Truvada, Biktarvy, and some others but to be named. 

Notably, Truvada performs a twin position – it’s used as a safety measure towards HIV for these in danger and likewise in tandem with different medicine for therapy. 

Then again, Biktarvy is particularly prescribed for HIV therapy. Each these drugs are merchandise of Gilead Sciences.

In keeping with courtroom filings, from this illicit enterprise, Herrera and his group acquired funds ranging between $16.7 million and $25 million from two wholesalers. 

The filings didn’t say how Herrera and his co-conspirators acquired the medicine.

It’s usually noticed that such drugs are deviated from the authorized market by shopping for them from sufferers who’ve them prescribed.

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