Meteor lights up skies in Trinidad, Antigua and Barbuda

In a celestial show, the night skies had been illuminated simply after 7:19 pm on Tuesday and had been witnessed from as far south as Venezuela, reaching throughout Trinidad and Tobago, and lengthening as far north as Antigua and Barbuda. 

The meteor blazed straight over northern Grenada, in line with GOES-16 Geostationary Lightning Information.

Studying the cosmic colours

Studies are that because the meteor disintegrated within the ambiance, it painted the evening with a mesmerizing inexperienced or teal hue, trailing a fiery orange wake behind.

The distinct colours shimmering within the sky present hints in regards to the meteor’s chemical composition. The greenish tinge factors in the direction of a wealthy magnesium content material, whereas the colourful orange suggests a excessive sodium presence.

The science behind the hues

The looks of a meteor just isn’t solely decided by its composition. Its velocity because it pierces the Earth’s ambiance may affect the colours individuals could understand.

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As per the American Meteorological Society (AMS), faster-moving meteors are likely to exhibit extra vibrant hues. Sluggish meteors may glow pink or orange, particularly if they’re faint. 

In distinction, the swift ones usually tackle a bluish hue.

Meteors: Nature’s fireworks 

Meteors usually start to burn as they hit the Earth’s ambiance, leading to vibrant gentle emanating between 65 and 120 kilometers above the Earth’s floor. Meteors additionally dive into the ambiance at speeds starting from 40,200 to 257,500 kilometers per hour.

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When meteors dive into our ambiance, they start to extend because of friction, lighting up at altitudes starting from 65 to 120 kilometers above the Earth. These cosmic objects can journey at astounding speeds, anyplace from 40,200 to 257,500 kilometers per hour.

A typical phenomenon, but all the time awe-inspiring 

Regardless of the awe they encourage, meteors burning up is a typical world occasion, together with within the Caribbean.

Sometimes called “taking pictures stars,” these re-entries are particularly frequent throughout meteor showers. 

Such showers happen when Earth sails by means of comet particles, inflicting these celestial fragments to combust upon contact with the ambiance.

The Taurid Meteor bathe is underway, which started on September 10 and runs by means of November 20.

It’s anticipated to peak on November 13.

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