Kagame Launches Village For 240 Families

President Paul Kagame on Wednesday launched a model village in Karama Cell, Kigali Sector in Nyarugenge District which was built by Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) Reserve Force.

The village – Karama Integrated Model Village – will be home to 240 families that were relocated from high risk zones around the City of Kigali.

It comprises living apartments, a secondary school, and an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD).

Kagame was welcomed by thousands of residents from Nyarugenge and surrounding districts.

The launch of the village, which was built within a period of six months, is part of the activities lined up for the 25th anniversary of the national liberation, which was spearheaded by the then Rwanda Patriotic Army, which later became RDF.

Other activities lined up for the Liberation Day celebrations include a media tour held on Tuesday, where media practitioners in the country and within the region taken for a guided tour to different sites of historical significance to the four-year liberation struggle that started in October 1994 and ended in July 1994.

Other planned activities include the screening of The 600, a movie that tells an inspirational story that honors the sacrifice and courage of the Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) soldiers through the eyes of the 3rd Battalion better known as The 600.

The documentary film will be screened on Wednesday evening.

The 600 soldiers, were meant to offer protection to politicians from Rwanda Patriotic Front who were supposed to be part of a transitional government as negotiated between RPF and the then government.

Their mandate however suddenly changed after the then government started killing its own people in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, and the force, which was already surrounded, was ordered by President Kagame, the then commander in chief, to do everything possible to stop the Genocide.

They later left their base at the current Parliamentary Building and managed to rescue thousands of Tutsis in Kigali and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the celebrations will be the national celebration to be held on Thursday July 4 at Amahoro National Stadium.

At least seven foreign presidents are expected to attend the ceremony that will be presided over by President Kagame.

source: africa.com

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