Is Neelibhringadi oil good for hair?

The global hair industry is highly in demand these days, for
apparent reasons. Hair is one of the most crucial elements of a person’s
physical appearance, leaving everyone yearning for a head full of thick,
lustrous hair. Very few things can enrich a person’s appearance, like luscious
hair, for both women and men. This is why most people often seek the best
products to help them improve their hair’s health.

However, many factors weigh into deteriorating hair health, like
external stressors and genetics. Hair loss, dandruff, balding and greying are
only a few of the common issues faced by most people. Branded products have
chemicals that may seem useful, but more often, these end up causing further
damage. The chemicals in commercial products are not suited for all hair types,
especially damaged hair.

This is why Ayurvedic remedies, like the Neelibhringadi hair oil, are popularly being
recommended. Ayurveda has used such oils for centuries, and the natural trait
ensures that no further damage is caused to the hair or scalp. From an
Ayurvedic scope, the health of your hair reflects the doshas in your body,
namely, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. All three doshas exist in every human being, and
an individual’s hair type is determined by which characteristics stand out the
most for you.

Ayurvedic solutions like Neelibringadi hair oil, Virgin coconut
oils, or Kesini oil, amongst others, contain essential ingredients to promote
hair growth. These oils have ingredients like Bhringaraja, Neelini, Amla,
Brahmi are extremely nourishing and provide extensive and deep hair care. They
also help combat hair loss, dry hair, split ends, and even balding through
natural means.

  • Vata-type hair – Healthy Vata-type hair is
    comparatively thin in volume and is generally coarse or unruly. People with
    this kind of hair see rapid hair growth, and the hair tends to be slightly
    curvy or slightly straight. It is very rebellious and can be hard to style and
    tame according to will. 
  • Pitta-type hair – Healthy pitta-type hair is
    seen to be moderately thick, has a soft texture, and is straight in appearance.
    This kind of hair is easy to style and tame.
  • Kapha-type hair – Healthy Kapha-type hair is
    characterized by its coarse texture and is usually voluminous and full. The
    hair is thick and is usually curly in appearance. This kind of hair is often
    considered the most desirable type of hair.

Neelibhringadi hair

Neelibhringadi hair
is a very effective and widely used herbal hair oil that is a
proven Ayurvedic solution for multiple hair ailments. The oil has pure coconut
oil as its base, which is known to enrich the effectiveness of the oil and bind
all the ingredients together. Coconut oil is also remarkable in fighting off
dry scalp or dandruff, and along with the potent herbs added in, this oil is a
highly nourishing remedy for hair loss. The herbs like Neeli, Amalakietc,
Bhringraj, and so on help fight diseases and infections that aggravate hair

Together, the oil nourishes and conditions the hair follicles to
maintain moisture in the hair and prevent hair-fall, which triggers rapid hair
growth. It is also useful to maintain and protect the color of hair, helping
avoid any premature graying. This is possible due to the ingredient Anjanam,
which imparts a blackish glow. Apart from hair, Neelibhringadi oil is also
famously used for relieving stress, treating eye diseases caused due to
overheating of the body, and helps people sleep better.

How to Make
Neelibhringadi Oil?

You can make neelibhringadi oil at home or buy it from a reputed
brand. To make it at home, keep the herbal juices, animal milk, and base oil,
using coconut or sesame, ready. The herbal juices include Indigofera Tinctoria
Juice(Neeli), Eclipta Prostrata Juice (Bhringraj), Amla Juice, and Nariyal
Doodh or coconut milk. The animal milk includes Goat, buffalo, and cow’s milk.
Next, you need to make a herbal paste or Kalka by mixing herbs like Mulethi,
Gunja, and Anjana with water or coconut milk.

After this, you’ll have to mix all the ingredients and heat till
only oil remains. This remnant oil is Neelibhringadi oil. If a coconut oil base
is used, it is called Neelibhringadi Kera Thailam. You should leave this oil
cooking with the herbal mix residue for 24 to 48 hours, cool it, and strain it
before storing it.

Properties of the Oil:

Neelibhringadi Oil has the following healing properties.

  1. Strong Anti-dandruff
  2. Strong Antimicrobial & Antibacterial
  3. Potent Antipruritics in scalp itching
  4. Hair Growth Stimulant
  5. Strong Antifungal
  6. Anti-inflammatory


Neelibhringadi Oil is used primarily to alleviate and repair
symptoms described for hair loss or baldness. Neelibhringadi Oil can restore
hair on a balding scalp, and due to its multiple ingredients, it effectively
treats hair loss & baldness, premature graying of hair, dandruff, itching,
scalp acne, scalp infections, hair fall, and tinea capitis, which is a Fungal

Neelibhringadi Hair
is a tried and tested, age-old Ayurvedic solution that
effectively rids a person’s hair problems. Checking your hair type before using
this oil can help you make full use of its properties. You can also use it in
conjunction with other Ayurvedic oils and remedies that work with your
particular type and issue.

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