How to Prepare for the Amazon Test in a Week

Due to the high level of competition, landing a job at Amazon is an uphill task. The global retailer employs thousands of skilled workers and their pay is slightly above 50 percent more compared to most employers in the same industry. 

The attractive package and the charm of working for one of the best companies in the world are what attract many prospective employees to try their luck in this multi billion e-commerce company. To become an Amazon employee, you have to clear the online test by Amazon, which is for every applicant who clears the initial screening process. The following steps will help you prepare for the test. 

Understand the test overview

After your application goes through the initial screening process, you will receive an online invitation to take the Amazon assessment test. Each candidate takes a customized test depending on the job you applied for. Your preparation is important because you are taken through a series of tests. 

Primarily, you will be tested for your conversational rationale, numerical rationale, and then a graphical representation rationale. Your best way to prepare for the Amazon test is to practice and get ready to answer every question fast while also considering accuracy.

The numerical rationale test is done to determine your level of confidence and capacity to understand statistical data. The verbal rationale examination assesses your ability to comprehend and evaluate written content. The logical rationale test evaluates your capacity to recognize patterns and reason and also your intellectual capabilities and capacity to address and resolve an issue.

Understand the test structure 

The Amazon online test’s main goal is to find individuals who will perform well during the physical interview that assesses the individual’s ability to solve problems and code effectively. It also includes several tests that compare you against Amazon’s leadership principles

Usually, the test is taken using an electronic code pad application. The app supports many of the major programming languages. You can use the application to familiarize yourself with the functionalities before taking the test.

Your first test will be on coding and this is typically simple compared to the next set of tests. Overall, you will have ninety minutes to do the test and submit, after which you will enter the second series of tests which will basically be testing your principles of leadership. This second lot of tests is not timed. 

Get ready for the test

You must succeed at every phase of the procedure if you want to get the Amazon job offer. This necessitates a significant amount of effort on your side during your preparation time. During the test, the importance of knowledge on Hash Tables cannot be overstated. Have some knowledge of Amazon’s ordering processes and their graphic navigation algorithms. 

Other areas that you might be tested are dynamic programming and common data formats such as Hash Table, Queue, and Stack. You should not limit yourself to only these formats, but you should seek to expand your knowledge to other skills like Quick Sort and Binary Search. 

Perfect your skills 

One week’s notice might seem too short to perfect your skills, but if you commit yourself to many hours of practice, you will double your confidence and answer the questions fast with great accuracy. Start by identifying important resources that will help you get all the information you need. If you search online, you will find hundreds of sample tests that you can use. 

Although the sample tests will not give you the exact questions you will likely be asked, the questions will be close to what Amazon might ask. Take every question seriously and answer it to the best of your knowledge. If you are not sure about any question, go online and search for further information about it and then reattempt the question. 

Understand your specific field 

Amazon will not test you in a field you didn’t apply for, but their questions will be customized to your specific field. Understand the kind of questions that go with your specific skills and polish your knowledge for your field. 

Their interest is to know if you will be a good fit for their business because every field must supplement the other field to achieve the company’s common goal, which is to offer cutting-edge services to its customers. The bottom line is to be effective in your field, complete all questions in time and be skillful in time management. 

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