How to Entertain your Dog Indoors if he is Bored

Owning a dog or a pet of any kind comes with a lot of responsibilities. In fact, you have to think steps ahead and be a responsible adult if you wish to give your little puppy a happy and safe surrounding. However, what happens if you are sick, in quarantine, or simply not able to go out with your dog for a walk? We all know that they are physical beings and that they will easily get bored when stuck inside for way too long. If you want to know how to amuse your dog and give him or her a ton of fun activities that can be done in the comfort of your home, keep on reading!

How to Entertain Your Dog Indoors if He Is Bored: Top 11 Ways

1. Teach your pet a new trick

Tricks can be a lot of fun, no matter how simple they might look. It will take some time for your furry pal to master something new, although it may look like a piece of cake to you. Consider teaching them how to shake a paw, jump, play dead or how they can crawl underneath a chair. This activity can be so much fun and intriguing for a couple of hours.

2. Put them next to a window

Dogs love to soak in the surroundings, meaning that they might have a blast next to a low-floor window. Find a safe spot where they can get comfy without having the opportunity to walk out or jump down. You two can people watch, cuddle, or soak in the sun. You can also consider reading a book while your furry pal looks for other dogs and breeds.

3. Rotate toys to train them

Dogs are a lot like kids where they tend to get super happy and excited about new and fun toys. Try rotating your dog’s toys or consider ordering something new to come to your doorstep overnight. Even if you pull out an oldie but a goodie of a toy they will get excited, simply because they didn’t see it in so long. Rotate toys often and play with them so they don’t forget how it’s being used.

4. Play tug of war

We all loved to play this game as kids, making it a fun activity for both genders and a ton of different age groups at school or outdoors. The truth is that even pets love this game! It is stimulating, fun, and requires some strength and attention on your and the pet’s side. Just remember to be slow and gentle, especially if your dog is a smaller breed that struggles with heavier obstacles.

5. Play hide and seek


This will be a lot of fun if you are stuck inside with your pet and your kids, trying to combine these two worlds. In fact, you should get your dog to sit and stay (give them a human helper if they don’t know how to sit on their own) while you and your kids hide. Shout their name out loud and let your pet find you. Once they do reward them with a treat so they know they did a good job.

6. Find the treats game

Your dog’s sense of smell is incredibly stimulating for them, so why not train him or her some more and let them develop and practice the nose work? How to do so? Well, you should hide treats around your home and let them sniff them out throughout the day. Switch up your common spots and see how easy or hard it is for them to manage.

7. Create a fun obstacle course

Set up a homemade obstacle course for your pup and make them have the same amount of fun as they would outside when in the park. You can use some old boxes, blankets, and some bits of furniture to amuse them and get them to have fun. Reward them for every maze or obstacle that they successfully get out of. Take your time preparing these since you don’t want them collapsing on your pup.

8. Teach your pup the name of toys

Some dogs can memorize more toy names than others. In fact, there is one dog the Border Collie and she can tell apart over 800 different kinds of toys! You should train your pup to get familiar with 5-8 different toys.

Start by playing with one specific toy and giving it a name while you do. After some practice & praise, your dog will assign that verbal name with the chosen toy, and you will feel like a happy and proud owner.

9. Give them a mini massage

Just like humans love to be pampered, so do dogs. Why not give them a relaxing spa-like experience and soothe their muscles, especially if they’ve been running around for days! These are great for older dogs or those with arthritis. This type of massage can soothe sore and achy joints while helping out with bad circulation or anxiety. Invest 5-10 minutes and your pup will feel renewed!

10. Grooming + bath time

Some dogs love to have baths more than others. Where does your pup stand when it comes to this activity? Well, after a long and exhausting day you should give him or her a bath while also brushing out the hairs, trimming the nails, and blow-drying the fur. Give them a mini makeover and transform them in a couple of minutes for weeks to last! It is a great bonding moment as well.

11. It is time for a shopping spree

If you want to spoil your dog with something that they don’t have, check out On there, your pup can get a bed, car seat, raincoat, leash, a training ball, you name it! You can even find food and grooming accessories that can come in handy. Surprise him or her with something new and see how excited they instantly get!

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