Get to know the Soccer Goalkeeper Joao Bolizan

Introduction (Joao Bolizan)

Joao Bolizan is a professional soccer goalkeeper. He is 22 years old, he has great experience in football life. He played for major world football teams like Sao Paulo FC (Brazil), SC Corinthians (Brazil), Paris Saint Germain (France), and La Spezia (Italy). He is currently playing in the United States, and due to the pandemic (COVID-19) he did not decide where he will play in the next year 2021.
He made the decision to play in United States since his family is also living in there.
He has a brother Pedro Bolizan who is also following in his footsteps. At the moment, he is playing in college. He has the dream to become a professional player like Joao Bolizan but he plays as a right back. His family is all about soccer.


Use his feet
Joao Bolizan is very talented football player, he knows how to play with his feet during the games. Playing with feet is very important quality for high level goalkeeper nowadays.

Joao Bolizan also has a great physical size, as we all know that size is very important in games, particularly for goalkeeper. His great size helps him in saving crosses easily and quickly during games.


Confidence is main quality that all football players and specially a goalkeeper must have. Confidence allows a player to accomplish the tasks ahead of them. Without confidence a player sets themselves back mentally and it is difficult to overcome the hurdle. Joao Bolizan has a good confidence which helps him to maintain his energy while playing.

Position And Footwork
Goalkeepers must know where to position themselves during the game. Corners, free-kicks, one-on-one situations with an attacker and more demand goalkeepers to take up different positions. Joao Bolizan knows how to position himself in game, he also has a great footwork which helps him in playing good football game.
This is all you must have to know about Joao Bolizan. One of the best goalkeepers a The United States
Here is the Instagram account details of Joao Bolizan, just go and follow him for his new updates.
Instagram username = joaobolizan_

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