Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Teenage Brother’s Birthday

One of the memorable things in life is a birthday celebration, most importantly when you are in your teenage years. A teenager is often concerned about appearances and they also want a party or an event that they can remember. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your teenage brother’s birthday.

Hosting a Costume Party

Most people have had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween with friends and family, especially, because of wearing costumes. However, a birthday celebration that entails a costume is quite epic for a teenager. It could be a marvel superhero-themed party having people come dressed as iron man, spider man or the hulk. Party favors and gifts for the guests can be related to the same theme as the costume theme.

Involve your teenage brother in the planning of the birthday, this more important than choosing the location. It also includes preparing a budget and shopping for items like invitation, decorations and food.

It’s easier working together with your brother than keeping him out of the plans and ending throwing a birthday celebration he does not like. It is also important not to compromise on certain elements to save money as the birthday only comes once in a year. If they are involved in the preparation, they will not criticize the party as they were part of the planning process. Remember that a birthday party is an event that your teenage brother’s friend will also judge especially in school. Finally, what is a birthday party without presents for your brother? Discover gifts for brother here for relatable ideas that matches the occasion or surprise him with something he always wanted to have. 

Bonfire Party

Nothing can beat the pleasure of having a night out with friends having fun around a bonfire while telling stories. A bonfire party is easy because it does not require more cleaning, it is also a great idea during a cold winter. It is a good idea during the bonfire party to ask his friends who can sing to showcase their musical talents or any other talents to be showcased. The decoration can be made with candles, small cushion, chairs, sitting mats. Party foods can entail roasted marshmallows, pizza, cake and refreshment drinks.

Carnival Party

Carnival party in the backyard or a local park is going to more enjoyable with friends. It does not require more preparation as compared to other forms of parties. Things needed include patio furniture, balloons, strings of different colors, bright colored lines, popcorn, cakes, hot dogs, chicken wings, chicken nuggets and pizza. You also need to arrange a place for games and use some colorful fabric hang on lines or ropes

Hawaiian Party

A Hawaiian party is a great idea especially if the party is nowhere close to the beach. However, it could work even better as a pool party inclusive of a heated pool so that the party can run well into the early evening. Asking his friends to wear their beach clothes and greet them through the Hawaiian greeting ‘Aloha’ is a great way to set the beach theme. The party can go the extra mile by including themed palm trees and beach balls.

It is important to know what kind of teenage brother you have to throw him the best kind birthday celebration.

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