Five reasons to buy custom rugs from Furnish My Place

There are a lot of wholesale rugs stores as well as online stores in the USA that offer customization option for area rugs. Well, Furnish My Place is one among the top leading online rug stores in the USA that has a huge range of custom rugs in almost all the categories. This fast-growing rug brand strives to offer the best quality rugs to their customers in an affordable price range that would eventually bring a sense of satisfaction and a wide smile on their faces. There are various other reasons as to why you should get a custom printed rug from furnish my place. Read on more to know about the top 5 reasons to buy a custom rug from this amazing online flooring store.

  1. Unique and trendy designs: There are more than 1000 designs available for the custom category at Furnish my place and that too with different themes, colours, patterns and shapes. From basic geometrical patterns to artistic floral designs and from tribal patterns to trendy and quirky styles, you can get all of this at furnish my place. They are also very popular for their range of kid’s rugs, whether it is a sports-themed rug or an education-themed rug, they have all of them. One of the best things about this online store is that it keeps on adding trendy designs to its existing collection. So every time you visit this store, you will get to see unique, beautiful and latest designs in almost all the categories.
  • Encourages creative minds: Many people out there take a different route and prefer to decorate their space with a touch of their own sense of style. The custom rugs available at the store might not match their essence of style or requirement. So due to this reason, the manufacturers at furnish my place offer their customers with the option of specifying the kind of rug they want and design it beautifully according to their customer’s choice. They even provide suggestions to their customers about the fabric and colour so that the customer makes the right choice.
  • Rugs are available in different shapes and sizes: People have different interiors in terms of size and shape so with this thing in the mind, manufacturers at furnish my place offer a lot of sizes and shapes for each model. They even offer customization of shape and size of the rugs. You just have to mention the dimensions and shape of the rug or the room for which you are buying the rug.

One of the best things about this online store is that they sell custom size rugs after customize their beautiful and trendy rugs with utter perfection and deliver it to the customer in a very short period of time.

4.)Highly durable and easily maintainable: The custom rugs at furnish my place are machine made with premium quality polypropylene, nylon, wool and cotton with perfect thickness thus providing great texture, utter comfort and high longevity. They even add a latex or rubber backing to their rugs so as to prevent accidental falls or slips. Moreover, all the rugs at furnish my place are lightweight, stain-resistant and bacteria protected. All these amazing features make the rugs easily washable and maintainable.

5.) Budget Friendly: All the rugs at furnish my place are totally budget-friendly. They even offer seasonal discounts and amazing deals in all the categories of rugs. So if you are someone who is looking for a beautiful, trendy and top quality rug but at a cheap price then you should definitely land on this mind-blowing online store and get a rug of your choice in an extremely affordable price range.     

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