Day Trips from Munich: 7 Best Sights to Go by Car

Munich is the most traveled city in the heart of southern Germany. Yes, its museums, unique churches, breweries, and other attractions undoubtedly amaze the eye. But one day, you will want to diversify your experience. In this case, pick up a car hire in Munich Airport Germany and set off to explore the surrounding area. 

Cozy Bavarian towns and amazing Alpine nature create the perfect setting for an unforgettable day trip. Plus, the well-developed road network makes it easy to drive a hire car. All you need is to know where to go. 

For your convenience, we have selected several charming destinations within driving distance of Munich. Check them out and choose the best ones to visit on your next trip:

Neuschwanstein Castle

Located in the Alps, southwest of Bavaria, the castle is one of the region’s iconic landmarks. Neuschwanstein has a dark history but its surrounding landscape exudes an extremely romantic atmosphere. It even inspired Walt Disney to create the famous logo. 

It takes about 2 hours to get to Neuschwanstein by hire car. Keep your way to Füssen so you don’t get lost. Also, take into account that getting into the castle can be difficult due to the crowd of travellers. Therefore, choose weekdays for your trip to increase your chances of visiting this amazing place. 

If you want to take even more of your journey, then explore the Linderhof Castle within a short drive from there.


This is one of the most beautiful places you can get from Munich. The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany, overlooking the picturesque surroundings of four countries at once: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. 

To get up to the observation deck you will have to reach Garmisch-Partenkirchen first. This ski resort itself is one of the attractions of Munich, while the proximity of the Zugspitze gives it even more charm.

How to climb to the top? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a brave climber. Just take the funicular to the Garmisch ski slopes. On the Zugspitze, you will find an equipment rental spot, a restaurant, a wide observation deck, and cozy sun loungers. Surprisingly, you can even sunbathe under the rays of the gentle Alpine sun. 

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is easily reachable by hire car. Follow the A95 motorway from Munich and in just an hour and a half, you will get to the foot of the mountain.


Oberammergau is a Bavarian village with stunning painted facades. Locals realized in time that tourists like colorful frescoes, carved shutters, and flowering pots. Therefore, they generously decorated the streets of the town with all the attributes of German rural life. 

As a result, Oberammergau now is similar to a toy. It looks really nice against the backdrop of the Alps. Almost all houses on the central streets keep hotels, restaurants, and souvenir stands. So you will have where to stay, eat, and shop. 

Another reason to visit Oberammergau is the beautiful Ettal Abbey. It takes about 15 minutes to get there by hire car. Fortunately, this is quite small compared to the experience you get.

Linderhof Castle

If you travel in the Bavarian region and have a hire car at hand, you are lucky. We hope that you have already included Neuschwanstein on your list of day trips from Munich. Therefore, it’s time to head to Linderhof Castle. 

The luxurious baroque castle is similar to the Palace of Versailles. Ludwig built it not for receiving important guests or holding balls, but exclusively for recreation, hunting, and aesthetic pleasure. He spent most of the state treasury on the construction of the castle, and the result fully confirms this. 

A picturesque park with alleys and sculptures surrounds the palace. So, if you are tired of exploring the rich and sophisticated interiors, it will certainly be a great idea to stroll along its shady alleys.


According to many, Nuremberg is the second most popular city in Bavaria and the unofficial capital of the Franconia historical region. When choosing a city to stay in and travel around Bavaria, Nuremberg is a good alternative to Munich. And if in the end, your choice fell on Munich, then be sure to go to Nuremberg as soon as you can. 

Nuremberg is the oldest Bavarian city, which has preserved many architectural monuments of the Middle Ages. Must-see attractions in the city include the 11th-century Nuremberg Fortress and many medieval churches and cathedrals. Among more modern sights are the Toy Museum and the Nuremberg Zoo, the Nuremberg Art Gallery, and the Academy of Fine Arts.


At first glance, it’s a small town two and a half hours drive west of Munich. Yes, it’s not as famous as Nuremberg and is located even further than Salzburg. But on the other hand, this is an almost perfect example of a medieval city, which, moreover, has been preserved almost in its original form! 

In addition to the iconic streets of the city, where it’s still pleasant to walk in the fresh Alpine air, Rothenburg is interesting for its Christmas shops. Just don’t think that you need to go there in the middle of December – they work all year round. If you’ve long dreamed of Christmas markets in Europe, then you have the best such a place available at any time of the year!


Everyone will fall in love with the Berchtesgaden alpine region – both history buffs and connoisseurs of beautiful views. In the XII century, this place served as a refuge for monks, and centuries later, the famous summer residence of Hitler – Eagle’s Nest – appeared here. 

Among the natural attractions of the area, the Königssee lakes in the Berchtesgaden National Park stand out. The community is located south of Munich. Close enough but getting there without a hired car is almost impossible.

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