CBD Oil Ireland on the Benefits Of THC-Free CBD Oil

THC free CBD is now possible with CBD Oil Ireland’s new line from Reakiro, Sool. After controversy over Ireland’s CBD oil laws, CBD Oil Ireland has partnered with Reakiro and now offers a 100% THC free option with 0% THC Here’s how a 0% THC CBD option could benefit you.

1.         May Improve Your Mental Health

Without traces of THC in it, CBD oil might be beneficial for your overall mental health.  Researchers believe CBD to have a positive impact in inhibiting the production of stress hormones and improving the release of ‘happy’ hormones. This is because CBD has been shown to act as an agonist of 5-HT1A receptors. These receptors play a crucial role in managing mood and social behavior in humans. That said, consuming THC-free CBD oil may help lower your stress levels while boosting a healthy mental state.

2.         It May Help You Sleep Better

Consuming THC-free CBD can help improve your sleep patterns, allowing you to sleep soundly at night.  With many people today reportedly suffering from sleep-related conditions, very few ever get to sleep soundly for the recommended 7-hours in a day.  Increased stress levels due to the ever-increasing cost of living and the fast-paced world might also be to blame for sleep-related conditions. Although the FDA is yet to approve CBD for sleep, scores of people use it as a remedy for sleep and reportedly sleep better after taking THC-free CBD.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to regulate most stages of sleep, and especially NREM sleep. If you have been suffering from insomnia and sleeplessness, you could then try using CBD oil. Although results aren’t standard with every user, CBD will interact with the serotonin receptors, thus making it easier for you to slide to sleep. Learn more about how CBD works here.

3.         CBD Won’t Show Up On Drug Test Screening

As an athlete, you don’t have to worry about failing your drug test by using THC-free CBD. With 0.0% THC levels, there is no way THC will show up on the drug tests. THC is one of the compounds tested for in drug screening, not CBD.  This makes it safe to use THC-free CBD, especially if your career involves numerous drug test screenings.  With CBD, not a controlled substance, you can take advantage of all the beneficial properties of terpenes and other cannabinoids. These are quite beneficial in the human body and help boost your overall health.

4.         THC Triggers a Myriad Of Undesirable Side Effects

Smoking marijuana triggers a number of undesired side effects, including memory loss, dry mouth, increased hunger levels, red eyes, and reduced reaction times, among others. Most of these psychoactive effects are triggered by the presence of THC. Unknown to many, THC increases the risk of high blood pressure and anxiety, among other conditions. Prolonged use or exposure to THC can have several damaging effects on teenagers too.  Researchers have linked long-term consumption of THC to adverse psychiatric effects, especially if one started using it at a tender age.

THC-free CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t pose such risks. Broad-spectrum CBD, for example, is relatively safe for most users. It’s only at very high doses that one may experience sleepiness and dry mouth, which can be avoided easily.

5.         Positively Interacts With The ECS

CBD’s ability to interact with, and help the endocannabinoid system (ECS) manage the various bodily processes, is one of its key selling points and benefits. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t bind onto the various receptors, CB1 receptors to be more specific. Binding on these receptors is what leads to feelings of high and other psychoactive effects. This is what makes THC psychoactive and trigger the undesired effects.

Pure CBD doesn’t bind on these receptors but rather prevents THC from binding. This helps reduce/prevent the psychoactive properties of THC. Taking pure or broad-spectrum CBD thus helps the endocannabinoid system manage various functions properly, making it easier to balance most, if not all, hormones and functions. In addition to this, taking CBD may improve the endocannabinoid system’s efficiency, boosting the various bodily functions.  All these translate to a healthier body.  You, however, should only take the recommended dosage (what your body can handle) to avoid experiencing undesired effects. When used correctly, CBD can help the ECS manage the various functions and prevent the development and progression of certain health conditions triggered by unhealthy enzyme or hormone levels.

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