Can You Get Sick from Losing Weight Too Fast?

Weight reduction is one of the toughest processes human beings can encounter. Nobody enjoys being overweight, and everyone is eager to finish this process as soon as possible. However, you cannot expect everything to go according to plan in every situation.

Just think about it, nobody got too many kilograms in a couple of days. So, you cannot expect to lose them in that short period. The first criterion you need to meet is having a proper diet. If you require any advice on what you should eat, and in what order, visit here.

Still, little is known about the potential dangers of losing too much weight at once. We’re not confident that a lot of people out there are perfectly aware of the consequences. That’s why we want to provide you with a couple of side effects of this going too fast.

Electrolytes Imbalance

A lot of our bodily functions are regulated by elements that can be found in certain ingredients. Not having these elements regulated properly can cause a wide array of different problems, and some of them tend to be severe, if not treated immediately.

For example, it’s likely to experience conditions like arrhythmia and seizures. Not to mention that this imbalance can affect your blood pressure to a certain degree. Because of that, you would need to create a strict diet that will provide your body with all these crucial ingredients.

Furthermore, electrolytes are essential for cellular integrity and function. If the integrity is not regulated properly, it can cause many problems that could take months before they are balanced once again. Without any doubt, you wouldn’t like to experience something like this.

Muscle Mass Loss

The ultimate goal of every weight loss is the removal of piled-up fat. Yet, we need to be careful. It’s because there is a chance we can lot a significant percentage of muscle mass. When you think about it, no one complains about having too much muscle mass, right?

When we lose calories quicker than we need to, the chances of losing a lot of muscle mass in the process can get pretty high. Usually, that happens when we are too strict about the number of calories we consume every day. Our calories will simply not be ready for the new situation.

Not only that we can expect to lose muscle mass, but the remaining mass also will not be energized enough for us to use our muscles properly. A scientific explanation of this problem is that muscle is simply more metabolically active than adipose tissue and fat.

Low Metabolism Performance

Metabolism is, let’s say, a key player in the process of calorie-burning process. That’s why we need to keep it in the best possible shape, to ensure its performance. Yet, losing weight too fast can disrupt your metabolism, which will inevitably decrease its effectiveness.

The easiest way to explain this occurrence is to say that your body will try to defend itself from starving. We understand how silly this may sound, but it’s true. It will try to minimize the energy used in its function to save it for other parts of your body.

Metabolism’s decline is directly caused by weight regain after you have concluded the process. It will not be used to the number of calories you are consuming once again. So, it will not absorb them properly, and you can regain all the weight you’ve lost in a couple of months.



Since water makes up for a significant percentage of your body mass, you’ll likely experience a sudden loss in the first couple of weeks. There are a couple of diets that focus solely on this mass. While this is a positive thing, be careful not to overdo it.

The thing is, losing too much water from your body can lead to a serious case of dehydration. Dehydration can cause a plethora of conditions like muscle cramps, constipation, and headache. That’s why it is important to stay hydrated even during the strictest diets out there.

Hair Loss

Next, we would like to talk about a somewhat unexpected side effect. We are certain you would never guess that sudden weight loss can cause severe hair loss. But, there are a couple of medical studies that people who experience a sudden loss are more prone to hair loss.

Every day, an average person sheds between fifty and a hundred hairs. Naturally, this number can get even higher if an individual has a genetic predisposition. Even genetic predisposition does cause more shedding than sudden weight loss.

In this case, shedding can get an increase to two hundred or more hairs every day, which is not pleasant. It happens because your body lacks a couple of nutrients like protein, iron, and zinc. Make sure you consume enough of these, and you will not need to worry about increased shedding.

Emotional Imbalance


Finally, we want to talk about the commonest problems people who lose too much weight at once experience, emotional imbalance. Some would say that these problems can be labeled as mental health decreases, but we wouldn’t be bold enough to make these claims.

It makes perfect sense, your body changes too fast, and you need to get adjusted to a new situation, You would certainly need time. Many make the mistake of thinking that getting rid of the body mass they don’t want would make them happy. In reality, the situation is much different.

Besides that, there’s a possibility that you will not satisfied with your appearance at the end of this process. Many people decide to undergo a surgical procedure that will remove unnecessary skin from their bodies, which is a whole different story for another time.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it is possible to get sick from losing a lot of your weight too fast. Here, you can take a look at a couple of side effects that can get much more severe if you are not careful. For that reason, make sure to find a proper balance between consuming enough crucial nutrients, and not overdoing it.

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