The international open academy provides the broadest range of online courses for every kind of audience. More than 410,000 students have enrolled for the online courses from the international open academy across 140 countries worldwide. All the courses range from 30 to 120 hrs with full details and according to your flex.

The international open academy is a 24hr accessible platform for learning its if you are planning to learn a new skill during this pandemic, the international open academy is the best choice. You can access all the courses from your devices, pc, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

All the courses are designed by professional tutors and industry experts having more than five years of experience & in-depth knowledge about the subject.

This blog will look upon some of the best online courses available on the international open academy platform. Explore international open academy reviews for more.

1- Social and digital marketing :

This one is highly in demand around the globe. Social media marketing and digital marketing is the hottest skill to learn and make your career. As the world is going through a digital age transformation, you can earn upto $10-30 per hour from these two skills. The international open academy provides courses on 1- social media manager,

2-facebook marketing expert,3- Instagram for business,4-seo expert & 5- digital content creator.

All these courses are available at the price of €99.00 – €119.00 by expert Latasha James.

In these courses, you will learn how to utilize social media platforms for making money and leveraging your business online. You will learn how to get a job and how to achieve your goals through digital marketing.

 2- Online tutoring :

Online English teaching is one of the popular professions to make money from your houses. TESOL certification accredited by ICOES helps you to land a job as an online tutor. Online tutoring course is available for €119.00 on the platform. You will learn how to manage class, student monitoring, reading and teaching English, introductory linguistics, teaching training & many more skills to become a professional online English teacher. You can easily make $20-30 per hour from your teaching session.

3- Personal assistant :

A personal assistant is one of the fastest-growing professional careers in recent times. The international open academy provides all the materials, classes, detail & certificate to help you to land a job as a personal assistant. This course will help you learn about time management, schedule arrangement, meeting setup, familiar task handling, & handling administrative duty.

The personal assistant course is available at €119.00.

4-ECommerce management :

Online stores are increasing day by day over the internet. The Ecommerce management role is getting in demand by many business owners. In this course, you will learn how to set your online store, catch customer attention, drive sales through online stores, marketing & promotion related to your product. The international open academy provides an Ecommerce management course at €99.00 to you 24 hrs a day .you can access it through your smartphones & laptop at anytime you want.

5- Accounting and Bookkeeping :

Suppose you plan to have a career as an accountant & bookkeeper in the finance industry. In that case, the international open academy provides all the tools, materials & knowledge related to accounting & bookkeeping. In this course, you will learn how to audit taxes, manage payrolls, balance bookkeeping sheets, prepare financial statements, monitor expenses & make analysis reports.

This course is fully accessible for €128.00.

6- Event design and styling :

Creativity is always in demand, so does event design and styling. If you have a passion for styling & designing, this one is very profitable for your career. Event designing is one of the highest-paid jobs worldwide. You can easily make upto $1000 by event design & styling. The international open academy provides a wide range of workshops, lectures, files & information on it. In this course, you will learn how to conceptualize an event, design software, style layering, creative art, design & decor techniques.

The price of this course is €119.00.

7- Website and blog building :

WordPress website development & blogging is a demandable skill in the market. Every day new businesses are coming up online, increasing the requirement of website developers and bloggers. You can easily make $40-50 per hour from these skills. The international open academy provides every guide, course material, project & certificate to become a professional website developer and blog builder.

In this course, you will learn about setting up wordpress development, plugins add up, setting up a blog, and monetizing your blog, PPC & all the related skills.

The price of this course is €99.00.

8-Makeup artistry :

Makeup artistry is one of the highest-paying jobs worldwide. You can easily make around $ 111,000 per year. Film making, the fashion industry, and art all involve makeup artistry in their profession; this led to high job opportunities for makeup artists. This industry grows by 10-12% each year with more money hikes. The international open academy provides you with all the latest trends & features in their makeup artistry course. In this professional course, you will learn about face styling, makeup contouring, color tone, makeup styles, eyelashes curving & every makeup tool.

The price of this course is €119.00.

9- Interior design & home styling : 

Interior designing is a very demanding & skilful job in the world. It requires lots of creativity, art, new ideas & craft to become an interior designer & home styler. It is also a high-paying job everywhere in the world. You can earn from $30k to $90k per year based on your experience. International open academy professional designer experts develop interior design courses .it is one of the most sold courses by IOA.

In this course, you will get to know about balance space, color design, patterns clicking & how to decorate a house according to the client’s lifestyle.

The price of this course is €119.00.

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