Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking Water

It is needless to say, water is a great blessing of Allah. After air, it is ranked as the second most important component for the survival of living things as our body is 60 to 70 percent water. It has a vitality as well as health effects unless it is drunk with certain conditions like،, “How the water should be, cold or hot”? “When to drink and when not to drink”? “How much and how to drink at a time”? A normal person must drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water. According to the experts, the correct time of drinking water is just when you wake up, before any meal or shower. This fitness post like Huffpost blog  is useful, where we will explain to you some benefits of drinking water.

No More Obesity

Obesity is a common disease nowadays and it causes many problems for you such as blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain problems, not knowing how many more problems are caused by obesity. Once you get the habit of drinking hot water, there will be an improvement in your digestive system. It raises metabolism and with this rise, the body fats begin to melt very quickly. If you no time for a workout, or gym and you still want to lose your weight, then just start drinking hot water and get rid of obesity and all issues related to it. 

Normal Blood Pressure


If your blood pressure stays low or high, it means your blood pressure is not normal. All you have to do is drink warm water throughout the day to keep your blood pressure normal.  By drinking eight glasses of water each day can help us avoiding hypertension. Our body secures the fluid supply resulting in the rise of blood pressure. Leading to heart attack and high cholesterol. Drinking water solves all such problems of our body.

Say No to Diabetes

Water has zero calories and zero sugar which is highly recommended for diabetics to minimize the calories (from sugars) in what they drink. It will prevent a rise in blood glucose levels. Dehydration can cause high blood sugar levels. Thus, drinking water sufficiently will help a diabetic to maintain balanced calories and prevent them from dehydration. However, adding slices of lemon, oranges can be added to plain water if diabetics do not want to drink plain water.

Improves Digestive System


Drinking water is very helpful during or after a meal as it helps in food digestion. Water helps to absorb nutrients by breaking down complex food into simpler forms. Water also helps to prevent constipation and helps to softens our stool. Irregular body fluids that accumulate in the stomach cause your urine to turn yellow. Water also expels them thus improving your digestive system.

Helps Maintaining Body Temperature

Drinking plenty of water may help to maintain body temperature. Especially when we see it like when oursweat is emitted and we feel thirstier, we feel the need for drinking water. This is because as your body heats up, you sweat to keep your body cool. However, by drinking water in an adequate amount your body temperature also stays in moderation. It will help you to prevent dehydration and to maintain your body temperature when you work out and do some heavy exercises in your gym.

Healthy Skin


Water has a large number of benefits in resolving our skin issues. Skin issues like dryness, acne, and more chronicle issues like psoriasis and eczema can easily be treated by drinking enough water.  As discusses earlier, drinking water helps to drain toxins from our body resulting in improving our digestive system.  This eventually helps to get rid of any bacteria or dirt damaging your skin making it healthy and glowing skin. Water keeps your skin well moisturized and improves the elasticity of your skin.

Improves Brain Functions

Drinking enough water improves concentration and also helps in performing cognitive tasks. It maintains memory functions and supplies adequate oxygen to your brain by increasing the efficiency of exchanging nutrients and toxins.

Reduces Stress


Water also helps in reducing stress as it has an amazing quality to prevent and release headaches. So, if you are mentally disturbed, or you are in some kind of depression, you may get rid of it by drinking plain, freshwater.

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