Authorities urged to boost Jamaica’s port capability

Jamaica’s parliamentary opposition is urging the federal government to take substantial measures to boost capability on the nation’s ports, a transfer they imagine is significant to forestall bottlenecks and guarantee well timed items supply.

Addressing the capability conundrum

Opposition Spokesperson on Commerce, Dr. Andre Haughton, has emphasised the pressing want for focused investments in port infrastructure. 

Haughton asserts that the present restricted capability of Jamaican ports poses a big impediment to the nation’s financial progress and competitiveness on the worldwide stage.

Investing in port infrastructure

He additionally needs the federal government to conduct dredging actions to deepen harbors, and improve cargo dealing with amenities.

Moreover, he calls on the federal government to implement sensible applied sciences to boost operational effectivity.

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Collaboration for a seamless movement

Dr. Haughton says enhancing logistical connectivity inside Jamaica should be a high precedence for the federal government. 

To optimize logistics, he emphasizes the necessity for collaboration between the federal government and related stakeholders. 

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