5 Best Websites To Get Online Courses In Pakistan

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Online Courses paid and free in pakistan

The Internet has not only made the world a global hub for the trade of goods but also for knowledge and skills. Education now is not confined to a set venue but made available globally. Virtual education has been more of a trend lately and learning digital skills has become a necessity over time.

There is a variety of paid and free online courses being offered on several sites providing certified quality online courses. Here is a list of 5 best websites to learn digital skills for free, get digitally skilled for free and get the best paid and free certified online courses in Pakistan. Learn new skills from the comfort of your homes and be prepared to prove yourself in this Global village!

You can equip these online offered courses and use them to earn huge sums of money from the audience all around the world while still being in Pakistan yourself! The world has become a digital hub and to keep up with it you have to be digitally aware!


Digi skills online pakistan

DigiSkills is a Pakistan’s government level initiative to digitally aware and train individuals in order to help Pakistan enter the vast market of freelancing and digital services. The site is one of the best to learn digital skills like Freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Literacy, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, WordPress, Graphics Design, Creative Writing & SEO.

Visit the website here.


udemy in pakistan

One of the best platform to learn and explore new talents is Udemy. It offers more than 100,000 courses stretching across a wide horizon of skills, professions and talents. Whether it be a job skill up-gradation or a personal development effort, Udemy will prove to be the perfect guide and teacher. Unfortunately, the certificates by Udemy are not recognised by employers yet but the quality of courses being provided will definitely help you achieve increased productivity.

Visit the website here.


free online courses in Pakistan

Coursera is one of the most trusted and quality online learning platform providing a variety of accredited & non-accredited courses. It has around 25 million users registered and offers around 2000 quality courses. Paid courses at Coursera may be opted for free if you plan not to get a certificate. Certified courses from Coursera are sure to be a plus point in your CV. In addition to that, Coursera has its personal E-library that will surely help you a lot.

Visit the website here.


in at number 4, Skillshare

SkillShare has more than 19,000 online courses to offer its users. In addition to this, skillshare allows its users to interact with professional online experts, entrepreneurs and CEOs willing to share their knowledge and experience. SkillShare is probably the best site to get courses on Human Resource(HR) as it has around 100 courses on this single subject.

Visit the website here.


5 Best Websites To Get Paid And Free Online Courses In Pakistan

SkillSuccess has a wider scope of courses available which ranges from business, technology, health, personal development, beauty, fashion, languages and more. These are certified, top-quality online courses that help you become more productive and develop a better personality but unfortunately their certificates and mostly not accepted by universities and employers as yet.

Visit the website here.

Hope you find this information helpful and these websites may help you get yourself upgraded digitally and personally. Pakistan needs platforms like these to ensure the digital upbringing and training of its individuals in order for it to compete in the global digital market!

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