What is Arbitrage Betting and is it Legal – 2021 Guide

Betting is what most of us do and like. It is most usually on sports like basketball, football, soccer and others but since the development and advancement in betting everywhere you can make bets on pretty much any sport out there.

There are a lot of different ways you can bet on a certain sport and with that diversity, there are a lot of strategies. Some are good some are bad, it all depends on who do you listen to and what your betting skills are. Sometimes you need to understand the strategy to implement it well, it is not just a copy/paste thing and you are all set.

With that in mind today we would like to discuss a strategy that is a bit controversial. Arbitrage betting is with us for some time and most of you probably know about it and have used it once or twice. The controversy regarding this betting strategy comes from the fact that there are split opinions on whether this is legal or illegal.

Arbitrage betting, in its purest and simplest of forms, is making a bet on each outcome of the game with different companies. This allows you to make a profit without much regard to the actual outcome because you covered it all. Now if you want to test out this after we tell you more about it try www.mycasinoadviser.com and find the perfect one for the job.

How does it work?


Now, when a bookmaker offers to bet on a particular event the outcomes of that event are shown in different odds. In that game team, A is the favour and team B is the underdog, and if you cover both odds you will be at a loss which is pointless in betting. But, if there is a situation where another bookie offers the same match with different odds and where they favour the underdog or team B you can again cover both odds with bookie 2 and you will still be at a loss. This is usually due to bookmakers not always agreeing on who might come on top of the match and their disagreement favours none other than you. In situations like this, we have an opportunity to make an arbitrage bet. If you make a bet on the highest outcomes in both bookies you will end up with a profit which is not big but it is a profit non the less. This is called two-way arbitrage betting and for apparent reason.

For those of you that like to bet on games that offer three outcomes, there is a way to implement arbitrage betting in three outcome games, like soccer. What is different here is that you will have to find three different bookies and apply the same principle as in two-way arbitrage betting. The thing to know here is that the profit will be around 1% lower than in two-way arbitrage but hey, it is still a profit right?!


There is a third arbitrage betting option that very few know about and it is called middle bets. It works just like a normal arbitrage bet with one bonus – the middle bet gives you the possibility that all outcomes that you have covered can win. This type of betting and this bonus means you might end up with a massive profit. The example here will be a game that offers to bet on the number of goals. If you take from bookie 1, a bet on over 4,5 goals and in bookie 2, a bet on under 5,5 and make your wager you will end up with a profit that isn’t that significant, but what makes this type of betting good is that you have a middle bet option where if the game ends on between of both bets or in this case on exactly 5 goals you win both bets clear and you end up with the remarkable amount of cash in your pocket.

What do you need to know?!


Usually, the most arbitrage bets roam around 3-10% which means that with lover investments you shouldn’t expect big returns. Arbitrage betting is best done with large wagers that are supposed to ensure larger returns. This draws another concern with it and it is responsible gambling. Since arbitrage betting asks you for larger sums to be invested, you have to think through each of these three strategies and you need to evaluate if they are that good. Wasting your money and wasting it fast shouldn’t be an option especially when there are large sums involved.

Arbitrage betting is risky and it is frowned upon by bookies. It isn’t illegal but it is hidden very well. If you are tracking down a game and if you are looking for an arbitrage bet opportunity, you better look and act quickly because bookies tend to correct their mistakes and they tend to even out the odds in between them to prevent this. Now there are situations that they overlook these and you have a whole day to bet on games and utilize the arbitrage to the max, but there are also days where you will not have more than 5 minutes to make your move.

The way that gamblers all around the world try to increase their time frames and chances is by utilization of arbitrage betting apps that track the arbitrage betting opportunities all the time from every bookie all over the internet. Most of those apps already have a built-in arbitrage betting calculator that you can use to make the most of your wagers.


Another piece of advice, next to all of this is to try and find a bookie, or a gambling site that is open to arbitrage betting and that is arb friendly. This will also reduce the chances of your bets not being accepted or the site or casino not being willing to pay you out. Inform yourself very good and look for the best tactics that suit your play style. Limit yourself, mainly financially and be responsible when gambling. Those are all the advice we have for you and again, be sure that arbitrage betting is not illegal it is simply frowned upon by bookies to the extent where they might not want to pay your winnings out. The fact that you are using their mistakes or oversights should not be punished in such a way, but hey, this is the world we live in. Look for arb friendly sites and bookies and you should be OK! Best of luck to you all!

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