Most common Fights between Siblings

Siblings can be adorable
and full of unconditional love, but when they live in the same house, they
can’t escape and fight with each other. Arguing and fighting with your siblings
(brothers and sisters) is normal: you spend so much time together under one roof,
that is sure to happen! However, always allow your siblings to make sure that
you love them and that you do not intend to hurt them. Because siblings are
meant to fight with each other and that’s the beauty of this realtionship. Here
are some common fights between siblings that you will relate for sure

piece of cake

Battle is valid! Because
there is nothing as delicious as the last piece of cake.

Who gets to sit in the car on any seat

That’s my seat! I came
first….No that’s mine (i always sit here!) and the argument continues—


Because there is no greater
reward than having a parent’s favorite child. And the favorite child gets
everything- more love and more pocket money. That’s what siblings think (there
is no as such favorite)

left a wet towel on the bathroom floor?

 It is clear that it is never ME. No it’s not
mine! It’s yours! You took a shower in the end. And, there is no solution for

clothes without permission

One sibling has cool
clothes, the other does not, and who needs permission to wear each other’s
clothes? They go with ‘what yours is mine’

doing the Laundry?

You have spilled a huge
bowl of vegetable soup on your mom’s favorite sheet and you end up fighting
who’s doing the laundry. Because no one will accept the mistake

Sharing food

When it comes to siblings,
you all know that it is a dangerous game. They fight like cats and dogs over
the food.


If they share the same
brand of phone, this is sure a reason to fight. One will lose his/her charger
then the game of borrowing will start which annoys the other one.


The festival that binds the
siblings together is festivities and the most important festival that
celebrates the bond of siblings is Raksha Bandhan, every year, sister ties silver rakhi or gold rakhi on the wrist of brother’s
hand and in return brother vows to protect her from the bad evil. Even here,
they don’t miss a chance to tease each other. Brother will annoy her sister by
not getting her anything where sister will tease him with nicknames. And, the
fight continues—

So, these were some common topics that you can relate with. No matter how siblings fight with each other at the end they are together. They will do anything to protect each other. So, on this raksha bandhan, put an end to your khatti meethi rivalry and get each other gifts to make the celebration special. Do your rakhi shopping online and get it delivered at their doorsteps as a surprise gift.

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