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Marketing 180 Launches New Website

Marketing 180 is a well-known full-service digital marketing agency, providing services to the United States and foreing markets. This agency first launched in July of 2019, before quickly ratcheting up in popularity in just a few short months.

This digital marketing agency provides digital solutions to small businesses, helping them establish a strong online presence and generate more qualified leads to compete with large lead gen companies.

Why Did Marketing 180 Launch a New Website?

”In business, the constant evolution of your website is important, especially for a digital marketing agency”, says Ako Stark the founder of Marketing 180. ”We have thousands of business owners finding our website through search engines and other digital channels. It’s important that our website is up-to-date with the industry standard.”

M180’s new website is well organized, following a strategic structure. Things are not cluttered. Information has been simplified, for uncluttered design, and the website itself focuses on their target audience and market. ”We have introduced guide-style blogs that focus on the needs of our audience. Providing value content helps business owners gain knowledge and become ready to integrate actionable strategies they can execute right away.”

Stark also addressed the ever-present issue of load speeds and their impact on SEO. “We understand that users don’t want to wait for slow loads on a site. Because of this reason, we have increased the speed of our website, so users can get their information quickly and without delays.”

The Future Plans of Marketing 180

“There are many exciting things going on in our company,” says James Nelsons, V.P. of Marketing 180. “Although we can’t give too much insight as to what we are working on, there is a little information that I can provide. We are currently underway with the development of a digital marketing forum which will bring together all types of marketers from around the U.S. to connect on one platform.”

Here, users can expect to get the latest marketing news updates, read free resources, learn from case studies and network with like-minded people.

Ako Stark added: ”In the near future, we are going to implement an online store within Marketing 180’s website where users can buy high-quality marketing merchandise as well as purchase digital services such as: Guest posts, backlinks, graphics design, social media shoutouts and many more high demand services.”

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