Best Place To Get Interest-Free Loans In Pakistan

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Best Place To Get Interest-Free Loans In Pakistan

If you want a loan for your pre-existing business or for a business start-up, or for any other urgency mostly you come across people giving off loans on high-interest rates. Even our banks and certain loans providing companies rely solely upon the interest they charge from you and that is what they do for a living.

The first thing you have got to know is that Interest (Riba/Sood) is completely forbidden in Islam and whether you are the payee or the receiver of it you are both equally sinful. The Quran in this regard says

Best Place To Get Interest-Free Loans In Pakistan

However, there are several places in Pakistan that will help you in your difficult times and won’t benefit from it. Here is one of the Best Places To Get Interest-Free Loans In Pakistan- Akhuwat Foundation.

What Is Akhuwat Foundation?

Best Place To Get Interest-Free Loans In Pakistan
PC: Akhuwat

Akhuwat established in 2001 has now become the World’s Largest Islamic Microfinance Organization. It aims to provide interest-free loans to the poverty-stricken. The program is based upon ‘Akhuwat’ Brotherhood. And is determined to help build the society by the society. Akhuwat’s founder Dr Muhammad Amjad Saqib is a prestigious man who stands against all odds to support his country in the right manner.

What Loans Can You Recieve From Akhuwat

Akhuwat provides a wide variety of loans to the needy.

  1. Family Enterprise Loan
    Loan for a business startup or for a pre-existing business.
  2. Agriculture Loan
    For small scale farmers to help them get on their feet.
  3. Liberation Loan
    Loan for people burdened under an interest-based loan or a tyrant loaner.
  4. Housing Loan
    For renovation and reconstruction of homes for families consisting of 8 or more members living in around 5 Marlas of area.
  5. Education Loan
    For hardworking students whose parents are unable to accommodate their educational fee.
  6. Health Loan
    For people with serious illnesses who are unable to afford the medication.
  7. Marriage Loan
    For parents who are unable to arrange their daughter’s wedding ceremony and dowry.
  8. Emergency Loan
    For sudden losses and emergencies.
  9. Equip and build the School
    For small-level private schools to help them with their basic necessities for the students.

Click here to get the full information about the nature, amount and duration of loans you can get for the above-mentioned categories.

How To Get Loans From Akhuwat?

To receive a loan from Akhuwat for any of the above-mentioned categories you will need to follow a very simple procedure. Akhuwat offices are located in several places and can be searched over the internet for different cities. The Akhuwat website explains the procedure in an explicit manner and can be read here.


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