7 Video Ideas For Your YouTube Channel

If you are ready to start your YouTube channel but struggling with the ideas on which you can make your video, you are at the right place!

There’s a mega-list of video ideas that you can choose for your YouTube channel. Implementing these video ideas will improve your video marketing strategy and boost your engagement with your target audience. But you need to be consistent in making your videos, editing them, and then uploading them on your YouTube channel for getting the desired results. You can use YouTube’s free web-based video editor for editing purposes. 

In this article, you’ll find a compiled list of some of the best video ideas to kickstart your YouTube channel.

  1. Beginner YouTube Video Ideas
  • Introduce Yourself

Make an introductory video to introduce yourself to your audience. This will help them know you and your channel better and get them interested in subscribing to your channel. 

  • Start a Vlog

Start creating vlogs to engage viewers and to grow your audience. Vlogging is similar to writing blogs – a blog but in a video format. It can be personal, educational, entertaining, or whatever you would like to make of it.

  • Explainer Video

You can quickly introduce a company, an app, and feature products or services to get maximum exposure through explainer videos.

  • A Day in the Life

Make ‘A Day in the Life’ video that quickly grabs viewers’ attention, and they get interested in knowing the lifestyle of a YouTuber. 

  • Random Facts About Me

This is an exciting way to reveal your unique personality to your viewers so that they get to know you better. A video sharing random facts about yourself will get their interest piqued.

  1. Educational / Tutorial Youtube Videos Ideas
  • How-To Videos

How-To Videos are the most popular types of video on YouTube. Teach your viewers how to play a guitar or play games like a pro through your videos. It could be anything you are good at and can teach your audience effortlessly.

  • Cooking or Recipe Tutorial

Make videos teaching cooking techniques and sharing the recipe tutorial of your favourite dishes and recipes that you prepare for your family.

  • Explain a Concept

Make videos to share your expertise. Explain a complex coding problem, tricks to solve a mathematics problem or something related to your area of expertise or industry to keep your audience hooked.

  • DIY Video

If you love to do crafts and want to teach them to your viewers, you can make videos on how to create your latest DIY project.

  • Infographic Video

You can attract your viewers by creating infographic videos that show facts and statistics, and these videos are visually appealing and engage the audience.

  1. YouTube Video Ideas for Businesses/Organisations
  • Product Launch Video

Launch your product by going live on YouTube. Show that the product can make a difference in people’s lives and conduct a Q&A session for your viewers.

  • Customer Testimonials Videos

Customer testimonials are an effective way of getting new customers. Potential customers look for testimonials to build their interest in the product.

  • Film Your Podcast

Increase brand awareness by recording a podcast for your business. Podcasts also open up possibilities for collaboration with other experts in your niche.

  • Promote an Event with a Video

YouTube is an excellent platform for event promotion. Look for footage from previous events and then showcase your event to encourage your audience and convince them to attend.

  • Behind the Scenes

Use behind-the-scenes footage to show your products and how they are made. Highlight and show your viewers how you are preparing high-quality content for your videos and give them advice on how they can make it on their own.

  1. YouTube Video Ideas for Movies & TV Fanatics
  • Make Short Films

Start uploading your short films on YouTube. You will need a camera, a microphone, a good script, and a video editing tool which will help you to create short videos for youtube with transitions, can add different music, can add different effects etc. to make your video more engaging and a perfect video content.

  • Celebrity Gossip Videos

Release regular videos discussing the latest celebrity gossip and talk about your humorous take on it with your viewers.

  • Film Technology

Explore how certain movies or TV shows are made and how specific special effects were created and make videos of it. 

  • Upcoming Releases

Give your unique viewpoint on the upcoming movie or TV show releases. Viewers get interested in these videos and regularly tune in to your channel.

  1. Fun YouTube Video Ideas
  • Music Video

If you love music, you can make music videos that could be anything from teaching songs, singing songs, or giving tutorials. Make sure your song or music is soothing with an acoustic track.

  • Parody Video

Find movies, songs, and celebrities that people are familiar with and do a funny parody of them. Keep in mind to keep the parody video short and to the point.

  • Challenge Videos

These videos are attractive and capture public attention, such as the cinnamon challenge or the ice bucket challenge. Add a twist to your own challenge video that generates more interest.

  • Prank Videos

Among the most successful videos on YouTube is the Prank video. Start with your friends and family, as they are your easiest targets, and make smaller, more entertaining pranks.

  • Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are favourite for all age groups, be it an unboxing video of the latest toys or an unboxing of the newest smartphone. Just choose your niche of preference and jump onto the field of unboxing.

  1. Sports and Fitness Content Videos Ideas
  • Live Events

Covering live events is a great idea to attract viewers who aren’t attending but want to keep themselves updated on what’s happening at the event. 

  • Sports News

Give regular updates to viewers about the latest and upcoming sporting events worldwide.

  • Trick Shots or Skills

Make videos of trick shots or skills of famous sportspeople that people are familiar with, or show off some of the skills you can perform.

  • Workout Advice

Share workout videos that have worked for you in the gym or home workouts, and show your subscriber how they can implement them into their training.

  • Fitness Myths

Reveal fitness myths to your viewers to boost your reputation and show them the more efficient methods in your video.

  1. Review Videos Ideas
  • Product Reviews

Millions of people search for product reviews before purchasing that product. So, making informational videos on subjects like tech devices & beauty products will increase your channel’s subscriber count.

  • Movie Review

Turn to your YouTube channel to share your opinion on the latest movie you watched. People who haven’t watched that movie may find your video helpful.

  • Game Review

Share your exciting thoughts about some recently announced games, highlight glitches you found in a new game, or decide on your games of the year in different genres.

  • Testimonials

Build trust and likability with your potential customers by making testimonial videos that act as social proof for your business.


Now that you have read through these video ideas, it’s your time to start creating your own videos implementing these ideas! These video ideas will help you increase your subscriber count and grow your YouTube channel.

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